The Computer Science Department and the University Innovation Center at the American University of Science and Technology with the collaboration of the IEEE Computer Society Chapter in Lebanon and the IEEE Student Branch at AUST invite you to attend a seminar entitled:

The Domain Name System and Entrepreneurship  

by Mr. Fahd Batayneh, a Stakeholder Engagement Manager and a Member of ICANN Organization since 2008.

Venue: AUST, Ashrafieh, Block A, Room 802

Date & Time: Thursday November 23, 2017 from 14h00 till 15h30

Abstract: The domain name system was developed in the 80s for one main purpose; to make people’s life easier since remembering names is always easier than remembering numbers (i.e. IP addresses). One thing no one anticipated was the entrepreneurial opportunities this industry could bring along, and this was apparent during the Internet boom of which domain names was at the heart of. Today, domain names are treated like real-estate where some names are being sold for millions of dollars. And then came along the largest expansion of the top-level domain name space where 100s of new names were introduced, and this segmented the domain name marketplace even further.

This 90-minute interactive non-technical lecture will be presented by Fahd Batayneh from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The lecture can suits any discipline. And make sure you bring along your questions.

DNS & Entrepreneurship

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